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Scott’s Selkirk 2016

A lovely sunny afternoon!

It was great to have Matthew Burgess and Royal Standard Bearer Rory Monks taking part.

Our thanks go to the following for helping make a success of this year’s event

Selkirk Sessions
The County Hotel
Allied Surveyors
Selkirk Youth Club
Live Borders
Selkirk Library
Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary
The Haining Volunteers
Ina Gladstone – Birds of Prey
Les Amis d’Onno
Kirkhope, St Josephs, & Yarrow Primary Schools for their Scarecrows
St Josephs Catholic Church
Selkirk Parish Church
Scottish Borders Council
Police Scotland
Bloomin' Selkirk
Grant Kinghorn
Deryck Henley for childrens' games
Down to Earth for coconuts and straw bales

All our volunteer helpers, shopkeepers - and of course, the wonderful performers

John Nichol and all the court case actors

Gael Force - Jimmy Gibb and Alan Lindsay
Carlen Jig,
Selkirk Pipe Band,
The Bob Burgess Band,
Carly Blain and Graeme Armstrong,
Highline Fiddlers,
The Podlies,
and The Collective

Oct 9, 2016, 13:01

Getting to Selkirk
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Sep 26, 2003, 18:45

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