Scotts Selkirk

Local Organisations
Nov 19, 2010, 20:31

Scott's Selkirk gratefully acknowledge the following who by financial or in-kind support have helped make this event possible.

The County Hotel

Selkirk Weekend Advertiser

Belmont Motors

Selkirk Merchant Company

Selkirk Rugby Club

Selkirk Youth Club

Callum Scott

Bordersprint Ltd

Glendinning Garage

Community Service Team

Scottish Borders Council Museum Services


The help of the following local organisations is gratefully acknowledged.

Selkirk Incorporation of Hammermen
Selkirk Incorporation of Weavers
Selkirk Incorporation of Fleshers
Selkirk High School
Selkirk Ex-Standard Bearers Association
Selkirk Ex-Soldiers Association

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